September 2, 2016 Brain Academy

Swedish Dicks, premiere the 2nd of September 2016

We are thrilled to deliver the first Viaplay original series, starring the largest names from Sweden’s actor-and humor elite. Swedish Dicks is an international co‐production and the first Viaplay original series.

Starring Peter Stormare and Johan Glans as two swedes in Downtown LA, trying to survive as unlicensed private investigators. Swedish Dicks will be available throughout the Nordics, exclusively on Viaplay.

Swedish Dicks is nothing you have ever seen before, the perfect mixture of laugh out loud moments and dialogues with a more serious undertone, said Peter Settman, Swedish Dicks showrunner.

First TX date: 2nd of September 2016

  • Duration: 10 episodes
  • Original Broadcaster: Viaplay
  • Creators: The Viking Brothers, Brain Academy AB
  • Producer: Brain Academy